A Little about me...

A Little more about Pink Strawberry

Hello There!

My name is Domini and I’m the owner of Pink Strawberry! It is my baby and I’m very passionate about it! I have a studio in my house in Hampshire and I run everything from there. I have part-time help at busy times but I run this mostly by myself.

Here is a bit about me and Pink Strawberry:

  • My background is retail and I have owned and run gift shops for 12 years (eek)
  • I love words and quotes, I love seeking out fonts and coming up with card designs constantly! (many don’t make it to press thank goodness)
  • Don’t get me started on paper! I absolutely love anything paper and have an unhealthy addiction to notepads/lists and anything in between
  • I also have unhealthy addictions to Gin, Lip Salve, Diet Coke, Coffee & David Tennant
  • Anyone else prefer animals to humans? I love all animals and would secretly like to own a zoo
  • I have 2 dogs and a crazy cat who regularly bites me for no reason but I still love her
  • I regularly get very weird requests for random cards and I love it! So do get in touch if you would like something done for you, I don’t charge that much as I love doing it 🙂

Thats about it, if you haven’t been put off so far then please have a browse my shop….

Domini xxx